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Is Partner With Anthony Program Legit or Is It A Scam?

Official Partner with Anthony

At the time of writing, I have been using the Partner With Anthony Program for about a month now.  I’d like to give my candid thoughts for the program for anyone who is considering it.

Anthony Morrison is a name whom I have heard many times over the years, but never have the opportunity to learn from or work with until May 2019.   In this Partner with Anthony review, I will provide my honest review of the program and what some of the pros and cons of the program.  And if you’d like to purchase the program at the end, I have also provided some nice bonuses should you decide to join PWA2019.

One of my mantras in reviewing products is that I must have used the product myself before I make my recommendation.  It’s no different that I have used “Partner with Anthony” and got a sense of what it is before I write my review.

Partner With Anthony – What’s it?

Partner With Anthony or PWA for short is one of the products under Morrison Education created by Anthony Morrison, a self-made internet millionaire.  From his self-introduction in his video, Anthony said that he was a medical school student before he became a full-time internet entrepreneur.  He cleverly implied he is not a douch bag when it comes to internet marketing, unlike other pun kids.

Partner With Anthony Live Training 

My Online Startup

It’s very enticing when you get to see Anthony’s animiated live video.  Loud and clear, he is telling you he made his first million dollars online with nothing but just the internet.   When you get to his page, it’s clean and easy to follow.   I like the fact that there is no forced-optin or free trials or anything like that.  Either you buy $7 or you are out.   When he finished his presentation, you are given a chance to join the program for $7 per month of $97 one time.  I picked the one-time $7 option, as I wanted to see what he is actually offering before jumping right in.


Anthony’s selling proposition is clear:  

You pay Anthony $7 per month To Partner with Anthony, Someone Who Has Made $1,000,000 online

You are smart, if you are wondering, why would someone in the right mind who has made $1,000,000 online would be willing to teach you everything that he knows and partners with you just $7 per month?

The answer is simple.  It’s in the backend.

The $7 is only an entry fee into Anthony’s world of marketing.  Once you signed up, there will be an immediate upsell of $97 dollar of a traffic package which fits the overall Partner with Anthony program.   Afterall, without traffic there is no business.

I have not checked the $97 upsell plan myself, so I can’t vouch for the quality of the content and the quality of the traffic.  I have customers checking it out, and it appears the upsell is legit, otherwise, I will be getting refunds right now.

After the first one-time-offer, there is no more upsell (thanks goodess!)

Immediately, you will be presented with a series of training starting with Day 1.

At first, I did not like is the design of the website.  It was not very clear to me on my first arrival, it was confusing at the first glance and there are two different portals inside the training area.

Later I found, one website is for training and the other for link tracking and commissions stats.

Other than that, the course is well structured so that every day you will be drip-fed one-day’s material, one step at a time.

This is nicely-done to prevent any info-loading on its customers.

Slowly and overtime, Anthony is showing you the grand scheme of his marketing plan.  He names PWA2019 as an eco-system.  What he means is, the very system that he sets up for you to enroll.

To put simply, he is setting up an affiliate system for you and me to refer others to the system so that you could earn money from, aka “Partner with Anthony.”

PWA sounds like a pyramid scheme to many, but it’s not…

The way Anthony structured the program is that you could leverage your business onto his platform so that you can earn commissions from the Program while you build your business, whatever you have in mind.

That’s the cleverest part of the system.

It does not exclude you from your individuality, but at the same time, you could leverage on his system while you are building your own business.  I give Anthony credit for that.

How much could you earn from Partner With Anthony?

The commissions you earn from PwA is 50%.  That means for every $7 or $97 customer you refer to the PWA, you will get $3.5 or $48.5 depending on which plan your customers select.

Here is the screenshot of the program – at the time of writing I am watching session 10 whereby Anthony is teaching the importance of having quality traffic and leads in your program.

Partner with Anthony


The Strength of Partner With Anthony Program

The strength of the program lies in the built-in affiliate programs that Anthony recommends.  Some of the program he recommends are Clickfunnels, BuildRedirect and Getresponse.  Should your customers decide to buy these programs or software, you will be able to earn a healthy residual income month after month.  The commissions of these programs ranges from $15-$50, so your monthly recurring income could build up fairly quickly.

For newbies, it could be a very good system to begin with, especially it provides you will a list of quality affiliate programs that you could get other marketers to sign up for.  Just imagine for every paid customer you referred to the website has a potential upsell opportunity by enrolling these recurring products under you.  These passive income does add up over-time.

“Where do you find your traffic?!”

Anthony does not leave this to chance.  He has created a traffic agency whereby you can buy traffic from him.  He has a team of traffic experts to sell you on some of his traffic plans, starting in Day 10.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons of the Partner with Anthony program:


  1. The system is well explained
  2. The presenter knows his topic very well
  3. The system is well designed
  4. The upsell is congruent
  5. The plan of action is highly workable


If you want to have the full potential of the system, there is a upsell of $1500 of the Ambassador program.  Not for any faint of heart.

Overall I still recommend this Partner With Anthony to newbies as the material is well explained and laid out.

“Roy, enough fluff!!  SHOW ME THE MONEY!
in Partner With Anthony?”

As you can see, I’ve made $113 in about 20 days after joining the program.  The truth is, I have not even started driving traffic to PWA 2019, as I am currently working on some other projects.  I just sent some spilled over traffic to the site.


Here comes also other

Getresponse commissions: $80.94


Clickfunnels Commissions >> $231.6


Partner with Anthony Review:
Highly Recommended

I think the Program has its value, especially for beginners.  It’s particularly good as I don’t have to promote Getresponse and Clickfunnels, but I am getting commissions for it.   The program has some default landing page for Clickfunnels, but you don’t have to buy Clickfunnels in order to enrol Clickfunnels referral program, which is excellent!

Partner With Anthony Bonuses

  1. Partner with Anthony program requires you to have a website that is built with Clickfunnels, which will cost you $97 per month.  It’s good if you can afford clickfunnels.  By checking out Partner with Anthony program with me, I will give you access to a landing page software which you can use to create your landing pages (value $20 per month) for free. Yes, you hear me right! That’s $240 per year value.
  2. You will have FREE access to my word-press based autoresponder which currently sells for $67.  It’s good if you don’t already have an autoresponder.
  3. Partner with Anthony program provides you with a traffic source, i.e. from Partner with Anthony himself.   I will include my rolodex of my top 5 solo ads vendors that I have personally used and tested, which are proven to convert to sales.  You will get this information for free, as part of the bonus.  Remind you that I have paid thousands of dollars testing out different solo ads vendors so that you don’t have to.  That’s time and money saved for you.  Priceless!

Grab My Bonuses

+ If you grab it via my link, I will provide all the bonuses above + my personal assistance with Partner With Anthony program.
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Please contact me upon your check-out, and I will manually send you the bonuses above.

A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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