My Lead Gen Secret FAQ

My Lead Gen Secret FAQ
My Lead Gen Secret FAQ – Top 10 Questions Answered

My Lead Gen Secret FAQ

Since I promoted My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS), there has been a lot of question regarding the MLGS program by a lot of prospects and existing customers.  In this My Lead Gen Secret FAQ post, I will post the top 10 question regarding My Lead Gen Secret, hopefully to reduce the amount of doubts regarding the program:

1.”100 leads for $1 – Every day – is it for real?!”

It sounds like crazy.   If we think about it, it’s truly insane.  Normally it would cost $9-27 for any marketing leads for home-based business.  100 to 200 leads for $1 is basically is impossible, if you try to make those leads using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Solo Ads.

It’s only made possible, because of the co-op nature of the leads.

What’s co-op program?  A co-op program is basically a share-lead program, whereby the Company drives traffic and generates the leads.  In return they share the leads with people who join My Lead Gen Secret program.  That’s why the cost of the leads could be lowered.

2. What gives you most sales from using the leads?

It’s hard to say what’s the best ROI offers to use on these leads.  In my opinion, home-based business is best with these leads. In fact, the best program to promote using the leads is perhaps the My Lead Gen Secret.  Why?  Because these people are already presold on the program, otherwise, they won’t be on their mailing list in the first place, make sense?

3.  Can I promote high ticket items, like ClickFunnels or Builderall?

I see some people are trying to promote/ market some high ticket offers in the range of $997 per month or mid-ticket programs, e.g. Clickfunnels or Builderall using My Lead Gen Secret leads.  I have tried it myself, but it’s not converting very well.  Perhaps, it’s due to the high stake amount involved.   I have generated 1-2 sales from Clickfunnels, but it’s rather rare to see coming in for Clickfunnels.  Having said that I do have a strategy to convert people in buying those mid-high ticket programs.  I promote some bundled courses whose requirement is by using Clickfunnels/ Builderall.  I disclose the information in my exclusive FaceBook for my MLGS customers.

4. “I bought leads and imported to Aweber before, which got my Aweber banned.  Will MLGS leads be allowed to be imported to Aweber?”

Stop.  If you are using Aweber, you need to think twice before importing the MLGS leads to Aweber.  Aweber does not allow Co-op leads and will ban you from doing so.  You may want to use Getresponse or other in-house solution if you decide to go to the importing the leads route.

5. What’s the “Perfect-Timing” feature of My Lead Gen Secret? Should I use it?

Yes, you should turn on Perfect Timing feature everytime, because the system knows when it’s the best time to get your emails to the subscribers to get them open and click on your link.  Customers have reported, on average, the open rate has increased by 16-20% once the Perfect-Timing feature is turned on.

6. Can I replace my existing autoresponder by using My Lead Gen Secret?

Yes, and no.  It depends whether you have an existing list or not.

However, I suggest you still have your own autoresponder, because leads are your life-blood of any business.  Although the system gives you 100-200 leads per day, you still want to build your own list for your business purpose.

7. I heard that the stats is inaccurate, is it so?

Yes, I personally also find that the stats in the dashboard is inaccurate.  They tend to overreport the number of opens and clicks.  By comparing the clicks at Clickbank or W+, I find the open and click through rate is much over-rated.

Is the program still worth the purchase?  Although the stats is over-rated, there are real customers and buyers in the leads, which I have proved time and time again, you may read my My Lead Gen Secret Review post to find out more.

8. Is there any emails sending limits?

Some people got 9000 limits due to account limitation by the server, but it was merely due to system upgrade. Should you have that limitation, you should talk to the support team, they will sort it out for you. Hope you find much success with the program.

9.  I am having no results with MLGS.  What should I do?

Sorry to hear that.  Whom should you signed up with?  First try to seek the help from your sponsor.  If you dont’ get sufficient help, you may sign up under myself again.    Click here to read my review and what you may get from the program with my assistance.

10. I Want To Have Your Expert Help, but I don’t want to invest in MLGS for some reason.  What would you say?

I only provide my bonuses and exclusive FB access to my MLGS customers.  If you want to get my help on MLGS and make it a profitable journey, you may pay click on the button below and get access to my FB group.

Some of the commissions earned from MLGS below:

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