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What is GERU? Is it worth it? Watch this video

In this video, we are going to answer some of the common questions of GERU. Stay tuned.


What does GERU do exactly?

GERU is a cloud-based funnel mapping, planning, strategy & simulation tool. It’s NOT a Page Builder, Shopping Cart, Web Hosting Service, or Analytics Tracker.

GERU helps you figure out what to do first… or next in your business (or a client’s business).

GERU takes pro-level funnel mapping… planning… profit-projections & simulations to a new stratosphere of automation, intelligence and power.

No other software gives you a complete 360-degree (visual-AND-financial) view of your marketing like GERU…

… so you can brainstorm marketing ideas…. and prototype the most profitable funnel maps, flows and metrics to maximize ROI — before you spend a penny or build a single page.

Is GERU like ClickFunnels, Builderall or Kartra?

Since GERU is a “Funnel Mapper & Simulator”, it does not build live webpages or funnel pages. ClickFunnels or Builderall let’s you build your sales funnels using drag-and-drop web pages and web templates.

Before you build any funnel pages inside ClickFunnels… First use GERU to brainstorm, map and plan your most profitable funnel simulations. Then, go build them using ClickFunnels or Builderall.

Does GERU work with Windows and Mac (OSX)?

Yes! GERU is cloud-based software. All you need is a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone and you are good to go. GERU is perfect for working on-the-go or on-site at your client’s office.

Is it easy to get started and use GERU?

You bet. GERU is drag-and-drop easy to use. There are step-by-step video tutorials included to get you on track as quickly as possible. Also, you’ll get instant access to a growing library of Funnel Map Blueprints.

New idea? Stuck on where to start?

Pick a Blueprint to jumpstart your new funnel map. These Blueprints also come pre-loaded with numbers, industry average conversion rates, traffic costs and more. Just plug in a few of YOUR numbers and you’ve got a working funnel mock-up in 5 minutes.

Is GERU a good solution for Agencies?

Absolutely! Agencies love GERU because it makes them look like rockstars with their clients — future and existing. In addition to impressing clients with gorgeous funnel maps… GERU gives clients confidence seeing a “big picture” blueprint with all the associated metrics, costs and profit… all clearly displayed and planned out.

Does GERU track analytics?

Not at this time. GERU doesn’t employ a campus of former NASA Scientists like Google does. Nor do we want to compete with Google Analytics — the Pros choice and leading solution for web/funnel analytics and tracking.

Is GERU custom brandable?

Are you an agency or consultant? The good news is YES. You can upload your logo to GERU. Use your logo and brand all GERU Reports.

How frequently is GERU updated?

GERU releases regular updates, improvements and fixes. What’s great is… all these updates happen automatically without any download or installation on the client or customer’s side. New features will be released for GERU in the future.

Do I get free updates and support?

You betcha! Your GERU PRO lifetime license includes ALL future GERU PRO updates at no extra cost. Also, you get free support too.

Is GERU even a word?

No, GERU is derived from a combination of the word “GEAR” (as in systems, processes) and “GURU” (a teacher or subject matter expert). Combine the two together and you get GERU.

If you want to test out GERU, check to our link in the description below to test out GERU today.

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