CTA Bots Review – Any Better Solution?

Is CTA Bots Worth It?

Here are the good points of CTA bots.

– It’s cheap. The starting price is only $27. It does not break the bank.

– It’s in your face! The graphics that Brett and Mike make in the sales pages and the chatbots are big and clear. It definitely increases the click-through-rates.

– It comes with a robotic voice. This is the key selling point of the tool. It greets your visitors upon their visit. Recently, youtube disables the autoplay feature. This robotic voice feature helps grabbing the attention of your visitors without the need to use videos.

Here are the bad points of CTA bots:

– The choice of the bots are quite limited. There are only a couple of bots you could choose, and they may not match the style of your websites.

– The bots may look quite childish to a regular visitor. If you are running a professional site, e.g. finance site or a more serious business looking site, these bots will look awkward on your sites.

– What if you would like the bots or “pop-up” at a different location? e.g. on top of the site, or in the middle of the site, or even on the whole page of the site? You have little control over the location of the bots. You simply have little control.


Is There Any Better Alternative To CTA Bots? A Resounding YES!!

ConvertBox has a similar concept however has more features and functions than CTA Bots.

This is the only conversion, attention getting or conversion tool that you will need.

Don't miss out.

CTA Bots cannot customize fully and the choice of the bots is limited, not to talk of the childish looks of the bots. With Convert Box, you can do anything you like.

Final Verdict:

CTA bots is a cheap solution for its purpose. Nothing’s wrong with it, except you will not use it because it may look stupid on you and its limited features. For a better solution, I recommend an one-time solution.


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