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Content Samurai Review – Includes Discount and Best Bonuses

April 1, 2019 update: Want to Get Content Samurai at 74% discount? (Read below)

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Free YouTube SEO Cheatsheet:…ube-cheatsheet

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What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is a cloud-based video software that creates professional-looking videos in minutes. It takes all of the features of some of the best video makers in the market and combines them into an newbie friendly software that every internet marketer or small business owner needs. 

Content Samurai is the flagship product of an well established Austrialian Company called “Alliance Software group”. Market Samurai is their earlier product which has very good reputation in the marketing industry.

(If you are new to internet marketing, you may want to check out Market Samurai too)

Content Samurai – Who is it for?

It’s designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of video marketing to boost their business online.
– Internet marketer
– Affiliate marketer
– Ecommerce
– Content producer
– Blogger
– Anyone who wants to use video to promote their businesses

Content Samurai – Who isn’t it for?

– People who want to get rich quick online.

Level of Skills Required

– Newbie Friendly. Content Samurai is an intuitive, easy and step-by-step video marketing platform or software that , turn your existing blog posts or pre-written articles into professional-looking videos, in just a few mouse clicks. 

My Personal Experience With Content Samurai

I have been using Content Samurai for 6 months (and counting) now, and I have created over 50 videos by using this software alone. Why did I use it?

English is my second language, and I had the greatest fear when I had to speak English to my intended audience, so I kept searching for a tool that would help my video marketing needs.. At first, I was skeptical of Content Samurai. How good can a video creator be with a robotic voice? 

I needed a video marketing software that does all the speaking for me. 

I had to take a further look because I knew video marketing is the future. I could not stand my own English accent. When I heard there was a software that could serve all my video needs without me saying a word or showing my face, I was intrigued. 

The introvert side of me took over, although many people thought that my accent was “acceptable.” Yet, I did not want to show my face. 

Content Samurai was exactly what I needed. Not only does it provide a very robust video marketing system, it also teaches me how to structure and create good looking videos which impress upon on the audience.

Create A Pro-Video in 8 Minutes Using Content Samurai

Content Samurai is a very good piece of software for anyone starting out doing video marketing. 

I highly suggest you check out their 7 day free trial in the link below.

Content Samurai Bonuses

I love the software so much that I’ve included 7 additional bonuses that filled the gaps that the software could not do. 

BONUS #1 – How To Explode Your Youtube Channel ($197)
-> This tutorial teaches you how a Super Affiliate grew his Youtube channel from 0 to over 50K subscribers!

BONUS #2 – How To Get Unique Content On Your Pages ($147 Value)
-> You need content. Unique content for your video production in Content Samurai. This training tutorial teaches you how to get FREE unique content.

BONUS #3 – Access Over 500K Royalty Free Background Music Tracks ($197 Value)
-> Content Samurai comes with high quality music tracks. However, if you want to expand your music tracks to match your different video needs. This tutorial shows you how you can get 500k free music tracks.

BONUS #4 – How to Make $100/ Day From Your Laptop With Free Traffic 
-> If you are new internet marketer and have not reached the $100 per day mark. This is the tutorial for you.

BONUS #5 – Bonus Tutorial – From Broke to $100k ($297)
-> If you are more advanced and would like to grow a 100k per month, I’ve included an advanced tutorial for your sharpening your saw 

BONUS #6 Unique Bonuses

Video Training Show You How I Earned $399.6 With Content Samurai without speaking a word or showing my face on Youtube!

BONUS #7 – Your Intro and Outro Video

This special bonus is worth $200. I will create your unique Intro and Outro video for you at no-cost!
This could easily sell for $197, but you will get this for free as part of the bonuses.

Content SamuraiBehind The Scene Production


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