Automation – How to Automate Your Tasks

Automation is getting more and more important. Let’s face it. We only have 24 hours a day. We can only type so fast and we are limited by the time and space we could work.

Having a machine to work for you is more important than having 10 competent employees.

Imagine you have some routine things that you need to do every single day, and you outsource those work to machine or robots that perform those for you perfectly. How much time will you be able to save?

Here are a list of things that you can do with any automation software:

Script Installation
If you build a lot of websites, you may use scripts that require installation.  What if you took the macro concept, and created shortcuts that let your computer install the script to each new website for you.  There’s nothing about most script installations that automation software couldn’t handle with ease.  Depending on how often you install scripts, consider creating macros to install your scripts for you.  Whenever you purchase a new domain, you can confidently get it up and running with your features and scripts with no time or energy from you!

Create macros to help with bulk purchasing domains.  Or you could create a shortcut that helps you to purchase a single domain in just a few clicks.  Some macros could even change all of the DNS settings for you.  You could also create a macro that handles a domain transfer to another host.

Even hiring can be a tedious process.  You may regularly have a lot of content created for you on sites such as  Why not create macros that post your projects, quickly paste your needs and more.

Banking and Accounting
Why not streamline your banking and accounting.  Create macros for Microsoft Excel, or simply take QuickBooks to the next level.  If you do any online banking, you could check your balance at the touch of a button.  

You may do a lot of with photography in your online business.  You may use photos for your online auctions, or real estate business.  Photography itself may even be your business.  You may continually need to upload large amounts of photos to the web to your portfolio, or to a predetermined location for your clients to access.  You certainly can create macros that change the size, file type, resolution, and brightness, and add watermarks and more.  You could also automate your uploading and categorizing of images.

Forum Moderation
The possibilities for macro use are endless when it comes to moderating a forum.  You daily encounter spam that needs to be deleted, users that need their account settings changed.  If you wanted to ban a user’s IP in one click, you could create a macro that would go through all of the steps to make that a reality for you.

PPC Marketing
Create macros that help you with your PPC marketing.  You could create macros that upload a new campaign to all of your PPC accounts.  Other macros could automatically assemble all of your new keywords and add them to your existing campaigns.  Create macros that download your ad tracking data and inform you of sudden changes in your spending.  You could create spreadsheets that compare cells containing your spending and commissions for various keywords.  Your macros could download, and paste in any new data into the appropriate portions of your spreadsheet every day, giving you an ongoing look into what is working and what keywords need to be pulled.

Software Programming
You may be a software programmer, and know how to get programs to do really cool things, but you are still coding one line at a time.  You could create menus like the Master Web Design Menu, which give you shortcuts for every command or section of code you frequently type.  You could also create a type of tag dashboard, that keeps a live display of which of your tags are still open.  

You could create macros that handle aspects of your proofreading for you.  They could run a spell check for you.  These macros could make fixes to your text automatically.

Instantly Fill Out Entire Forms
Use automation software to do 100 Percent of your data entry for you.  String together smaller automation, or create original automation that grab every piece of data you need, and fill out forms without any help from you!  Apply this concept to any “Work From Home” Data Entry positions to smartly and ethically skyrocket your earnings!

Ordering a Product
There may be products that you regularly purchase online.  These may include items such as domain names.  Why take the time to fill in all of your order details each time, when a macro can do it for you.  It’s possible your macro could even do the entire purchase process for you if you wish.

Unzip Entire Batches of Zipped Files
If you want to restore an entire archive of zipped folders, you could add a repeat command to your 1 click unzip.  Then, you would simply sit back as your macro unzipped all of your zipped folders at once.

You could create macros that assist you with every aspect of your own business branding.  You could have shortcuts for instantly pasting your letterhead, your company info, your signature, or adding your company watermark to any document or image.

Upload to All Websites
You may have a rotating or seasonal ad banner that you use across multiple websites.  If you wanted to upload a new set of images and redirect links, you could create a macro that would replace the banners on all of your websites at once, for whenever you want to test a new banner.

Create macros that survey your customers to find out exactly what they want to buy.  You could also create macros that help you to correctly file and interpret each new individual user survey result.

Clean up Dead Links
If you have an older website, many of your outgoing links may no longer work.  These dead links can seriously put a dent in the credibility and relevance of your site in the mind of your site visitors.  You could create macros that scan your website for dead links and notify you which ones are dead for later maintenance.  Or, you could even program your macro to delete those links, and upload your website again, with the dead links removed. 

Enhance Other Software
Use automation software to enhance any other software that you currently use.  This even includes software that’s designed to speed up your work online.  Add a few macro short cuts to add even greater speed and automation.  When these training materials were assembled, I used macros that enhanced my ability and user experience in Camtasia.  You could tailor macros to help you manage your Butterfly Marketing websites.  You could also speed up and enhance your use of programs.

Product Creation
Use macros to help you with many of the steps of product creation.  Build modules and content on demand.  If you provide any monthly content that is packaged similarly, you could create macros that assist you with packaging your content each and every month.  No matter what your product is, if you spot areas that could be automated, then by all means, automate!

Auto-surfing on Traffic Exchanges
You could create macros that auto-surf for you on traffic exchanges, clicking on outgoing links using a new proxy each time.  You could also program your macro to “read” the site it visits, if your traffic exchange program requires visitors to stay on a page for a set amount of time.

Customized Macros for your Business!
You could enlist the help of an experienced programmer at  You may give your programmer a copy of the automation software installation file, and it will work for them for 30 days before requiring a license key.  You could discuss with your programmer what you want your macro to be able to do.  They may be able to create a top notch macro that does exactly what you ask, without you ever needing to create the macro yourself.

Internet Privacy
If you want to keep your entire internet activity safe, you could easily create macros that clear your internet history and perform your other privacy cleanups with just a click.  This could be scheduled for a specific time at night, or any time 

Invoicing isn’t always fun, and it often takes up a lot of the time you really don’t have to spare.  Why not create macros that handle all of your invoicing tasks for you.  They may be easily programmed using the built in automation software commands.  Leave the numbers to your computer.

You could create macros that help you to search in multiple search engines at once.  Or, you could create shortcuts for searching with advanced search parameters, such as with special date information, or within a specific site.

You could take advantage of many of the free directory sites.  Create an automation that submits your URLs to many online directories to immediately start gaining the benefits of having backlinks to your web sites.

Change File Extensions
You may regularly change your file extensions, from .txt to .html or from .bmp to png.  Why not create macros that save you from having to go through the annoying steps of changing the extensions of your files.

Open Multiple Programs
You may have tasks where you always have the same set of files and programs open.  Let’s imagine that you needed to have a specific spreadsheet, your computer calculator, a specific webpage, and a video conferencing program all open.  Create a macro that opens all of your selected files and programs at once with the touch of a button.  You could have another button that closes all of those specific files and programs at once when you are done using that workspace.

Niche Research
Research a niche with the added power of macros.  You macros could pull data about your niche from numerous sites all at once.  You could compare top search results, wiki entries, images, and videos at the touch of a button.  Let your computer do your digging for you.

Write Compelling Headlines
Create macros that assist you with your writing.  You could create prompts for questions about your product or review, and a list of potential eye catching headlines could be generated for you.

You could create macros to help you compile all of your statistics.  Macros could be created to use “exception processing” to highlight anomalies that don’t meet your pre-determined requirements or fall within your predetermined ranges.  

Manage Files
Automation software already has 30 commands built in for managing the files and folders on your computer.  You may use them as needed to stay organized and on top of all of your computer contents.

There are no limits to how you can speed up the copywriting process.  You may even find ways to remove yourself completely from some aspects of your copywriting.  You may use macros that help you to create sales pages with greater speed than ever.  You can also use custom macros to help you to create entire autoresponder sequences that are generated very quickly and with little effort.  Now you can make more money on the back end, and never have a dead list.  You could also create any number of article writing assistant macros to help you as you write articles.

You could use automation software to create reports from various sources instantly.  Those reports could be automatically emailed to a list of recipients or filed with similar reports.

Web Maintenance
You could use the Macro Marketer software to regularly maintain your websites.  You could perform maintenance of your membership sites, update scripts, and much more.

Affiliate Management
There are no limits to how you can speed up your affiliate management tasks.  You may issue payments with far greater ease and automation.  Macros could be made for updating promotional tools and resources.

Order Fulfillment
If you regularly perform order fulfillment tasks on your computer, you would do well to create macros to assist you.  You could automate your order fulfillment process by having the software send orders to your distribution company or other place that needs to receive each order.  You could automatically take order information and insert it into your databases or spreadsheets.

In addition to the included sample macros and concepts, you can find more ways to spend less time handling your email.  You could create macros that more quickly or intelligently delete spam and block email addresses that won’t let you unsubscribe from their mailings.  You could create macros to intelligently sort your emails as well.  Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express have rules already built in for accomplishing some of these tasks.  They can be a pain to set up though.  You could make macros that help you to set up rules more quickly.  However, you’ll probably want to leave some things to automation software as you have the ability to go far beyond the built in available rules.  

There are countless places to take advantage of automation software as an EBay seller.  If you sell hundreds or thousands of low priced items, you could create a macro to automatically post your feedback.  You could create automation that automate listings and set add on purchases such as featured listings.  You could even create macros that print out your shipping labels.

Automate your blogging like never before.  You could schedule posts if your blogging platform does not yet have that capability.  You could create macros that don’t just lazily scrape RSS feeds.  Your macros could allow your site to create original content from other sources and post new messages automatically.  You could also create macros to assist replying to the comments following your posts.

Built in System Macros
Automation software contains many “Mini-Macros” among the available commands.  These broaden your automation making ability by leaps and bounds.  There are short cuts for using your CDROM, Playing Multimedia and adjusting your audio settings, controlling your screen savers, changing your desktop background, emptying your recycle bin, getting the pixel color from a location on your screen, and many many more!!!

Boiling Your Work Down to Just One Button Press!
Determine every task that needs to get done every day, but no longer needs you to be there to accomplish it.  You may string together as many of your macros as you want.

In the next posts, I will show you how you can automate your jobs.

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